CVPath Services

Diagnostic Consultation

“Dedicated to the analysis of cardiovascular specimens”

Our CAP-accredited and CLIA-approved laboratory can help you meet your diagnostic and clinical research trial pathology needs. We offer diagnostic services for autopsy and surgical human specimens. Our analysis includes:

  • Heart tissue: postmortem and explant gross & microscopic evaluation
  • Endomyocardial: biopsy, myocardial tissue/resection (including tumors)
  • Pericardial biopsy/resection, native/prosthetic heart valves
  • Vascular specimens: aorta and its branches, coronary, temporal, carotid, etc.
  • Full review of cardiovascular slides and blocks
  • Cardiac devices: stents, stent grafts, mechanical and bioprosthetic valves, prosthetic valve rings, pericardial devices, pacemakers, ventricular assist devices, and others
  • Congenital heart disease devices: occluders, coils, glue, etc.