CVPath Services

Facilities & Quality Assurance

The CVPath Institute houses approximately 13,000 square feet of which nearly 70% is dedicated to comprehensive pathology and laboratory services. The facility is fully equipped with the most advanced technology including:

  • Shandon Excelsior processors
  • Shandon Hypercenter embedding processors
  • Shandon microtomes paraffin sectioning
  • Leica microtomes plastic sectioning
  • Leica Cerebro laboratory barcoding and tracking system.
  • Hacker Bright OTF/HS Microtome Cryostat equipped with a Tungsten Carbide Knife for hard tissue sectioning and CryoJane® Tape Transfer System
  • Shandon automatic stainer
  • Zeiss confocal microscope
  • Zeiss digital pathology
  • Hitachi scanning electron microscope
  • Hitachi transmission electron microscope
  • EXAKT™ section grinding technology systems
  • NanoDrop UV/Vis spectrophotometer
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer™
  • Applied Biosystems 7500 fast real time PCR system
  • Dako Cytomation Autostainer Plus
  • St. Jude OCT Imaging Console and workstation
  • Medis Olvus imaging analysis Software
  • Faxitron LX-60 Radiography System
  • Siemens C-Arm

CVPath Institute, Inc. provides Quality Assurance services following FDA Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Regulations for Nonclinical Laboratory Studies. This includes overseeing studies from arrival at CVPath to finalization to assure that they meet FDA regulations. Contact: Barbara M. Munjal, QA Specialist, or 301-208-3570 ext. 102.