CVPath Institute is the leading medical research and educational organization dedicated to improving patient health management for those suffering from cardiac and vascular diseases. Established in 2005 as a not-for-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, our mission is to conduct basic and translational “bench to bedside” research. We provide consultation, histology, and diagnostic services to promote discoveries that advance diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, the institution codifies one of the largest and most comprehensive repositories of diseased human tissue and makes it available for investigative studies and teaching.

Our Mission

To engage in scientific research and education that strengthens the understanding of cardiac and vascular diseases by the medical community to advance the care of patients suffering from such diseases.

Strengths & Capabilities

The Institute’s research team consists of pathologists, cardiologists, basic scientists, and highly skilled technical staff who have a deep understanding of cardiovascular pathology as well as expertise in all other anatomical systems. Our strengths and capabilities are enriched by an unmatched biorepository. This repository allows for a unique environment where expert pathologists can guide clinicians, cardiologists, forensic pathologists, and basic and translational researchers on investigative studies. The institute offers advanced technical expertise in the area of cardiovascular pathology derived from decades of preclinical investigation. This acquired knowledge allows us to provide clinically relevant consultative support to medical constituencies as well as regulatory bodies for improving the safety profile of cardiac and vascular therapies, including an array of interventional devices before they reach the patient.


CVPath Institute is supported by governmental, philanthropic, and private sector funding to conduct independent research concentrated on cardiac and vascular diseases. It engages in collaborative cardiovascular research projects with a global network of investigators and clinicians to address treatment options.

Education and Research

The Institute offers a fellowship program and other educational and research programs for investigators and clinicians worldwide seeking to deepen their expertise in various facets of cardiovascular diseases.  The institute provides expert training in advanced pathology techniques. Our fellows are provided with hands-on instructional classes to deeply understand the complexities of histology methods.  Fellows have the opportunity to publish and present their research studies to the scientific community.


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